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Fresh Strawberries

At Middlebrook Farm, we believe in growing happiness through horticulture.

We stand by our top-quality products and our mission to grow seasonal fruit

while protecting the health of our planet.


Strawberry Deliveries

Strawberries are our specialty. We grow them. You order them. We pick them. We deliver them to you. It's that simple!


Fall Pumpkin Stand

While our farm isn't open to the public, we do set up a roadside pumpkin stand each October. We make it easy for you with a 24/7 self-service stand.



We also have a self-serve roadside wood stand. Please stop by and stock up on firewood for $5 per bundle.

Food Delivery
How to order strawberries

We grow June-bearing plants, which means the short season usually only lasts for about three weeks in mid-late June. We pick every day and deliver nearly every evening to ensure our customers get the freshest fruit possible right at their doorsteps.

Our delivery area borders Buffalo/Delano to the west, Hwy 169 to the east, St. Michael up north, and down to Orono and the northern edge of Lake Minnetonka in the south. If you don't live within that area, let's meet at a parking lot within the area that's convenient for you. 


Also, please subscribe to our email list so you know when next year's berries are ready!

We look forward to meeting you!

4910 Rebecca Park Trail, Greenfield MN


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